This is our story

SL Global Collections started its journey in Singapore, 2015.

It all began when we decided to make our belief a reality: that leather handbags can look good without costing a bomb.

Our mission is to offer leather products that look great, offered at reasonable prices and without any compromise on quality. 

Especially since leather servicing is so expensive, why spend so much to service a used leather product when you can spend less and get a brand new one?

With that, we launched our first collection of genuine leather handbags under our own in house brand, Tomorrow Closet. 

As with our focus on quality, we put our products through a stringent QC process before it is released to the public.

We came a long way since 2015, having grown to a customer base of 14,000+ and a membership size of 3000+ around the world.

All of this would not have been possible without your support. Your feedback goes a long way in helping us improve and we are always ready to listen to you.

Join us on our journey as we continue to deliver quality leather products with no compromise. Cheers!